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Scientist Biography Project  

Resources for students in Ms. Simon's class.
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Researching and Writing Biographies with Kathleen Krull


Science biographies by Kathleen Krull and other great authors!


Famous Scientist Booklist

Who is/was...

Charles Darwin
Neil Armstrong
Bill Gates
Albert Einstein
Jane Goodall
Thomas Alva Edison Alexander Graham Bell

Giants of Science

Leonardo da Vinci (BIO LEO) Albert Einstein (BIO EIN) Charles Darwin (BIO DAR) Isaac Newton (BIO NEW) Marie Curie (BIO CUR)

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists

Albert Einstein (BIO EIN)
Alexander Graham Bell (BIO BEL)
Charles Drew (BIO DREW): blood transfusions, storing donated blood
Daniel Hale Williams (BIO WIL):
Jane Goodall (BIO GOO): chimpanzees
Lise Meitner (BIO MEI): nuclear fission
Luis Alverez (BIO ALV): experimental physicist and inventor
Marie Curie (BIO CUR): radioactivity
Rachel Carson (BIO CAR): marine biologist and environmentalist
Stephen Hawking (BIO HAW): black holes
Thomas Edison (BIO EDI): inventor
The Wright Brothers (920 VEI): first flight
Henry Ford (BIO FOR): revolutionized the automobile industry by making reliable, affordable cars
Mary Leaky (BIO LEA): discovered skull linking humans to apes
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (920 VEN): electronics
Benjamin Franklin (BIO FRA):

The Scientists behind...

Earth Processes (551 SOL): James Hutton, Inge Lehmann, Tuzo Wilson
Energy (621.042 SOL): Emilie du Chatelet, Sir Charles Parson, Enrico Fermi Environment (333.95 SNE): John Muir, James Hansen, Wangara Maathai
Living Things (570 SNE): Carolus Linnaeus, Margaret Lowman, Jane Goodall
Medical Advances (610 HAR): Louis Pasteur, Christiaan Banard, Janet Lane-Claypon Space (520 HAR): Galileo, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking

Leonardo da Vinci: BIO LEO (2)


Citation Worksheet


Notetaking Guide


            where/when born

            stories about when they were little

            Did he/she like school?

  • WORK

            Where does he/she work?

            What is his/her favorite branch of science?


            What kind of family does he/she have?

            What does he/she like to read?

            Hobbies? Fun? Activities?

       What is this scientist most famous for?

               What did he/she discover/invent/teach?


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